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In 2019 a combined total of 1,105 cyclists and pedestrians lost their lives due to a roadway accident. With over 30 million residents in the state alone, having a single day where no one is harmed, is completely unheard of. After experiencing endless tribulations, one local Angeleno began a new project to memorialize these victims and spread safe-driving awareness to nearby drivers. Below is a graph displaying pedestrian and cyclist fatalities by the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration.

“Every 40 hours, one person dies on the streets of Los Angeles. People walking and bicycling are involved in only 14 percent of all collisions but account for almost half of all traffic deaths.”

– LA Weekly

Ghost Bike Project

Ghost Bike Inspiration

Experimental Artist Scott Froschauer began the S.A.F.E. (Streets Are for Everyone) Yellow Bike Project after finding inspiration with the former Ghost Bike, which similarly placed white bikes as memorials throughout the world. Originating in St. Louis in 2003, the movement quickly spread to the rest of the world. The Ghost Bike memorials were initially temporary, as they were placed by activists and family members of the victims. Shortly after these installations, the city of Los Angeles announced approval of a program that will make these, and future memorials, permanent. As an avid member of the community, our bicycle accident lawyers are proud to support these individuals.

“We place these memorials so folks can say, ‘Hey, something happened here?’ says Gamboa, who defines his somber monuments as art, activism and advocacy. “Maybe it would be a rallying point for people to come together and heal.”

Cyclist and Pedestrian Deaths Memorial

Yellow Bike Project for Cyclist Accident Justice

The yellow bicycle memorials sit atop a steel 16’ ft pole with the intent of cautioning drivers of the grim reality of negligent driving. The yellow color derives from the first memorial, where Sebastian Moreno lost his life while riding near his high school in Reseda, CA. His favorite color was yellow. While these memorials are an important reminder to practice safe driving, there are still drivers who make life-threatening mistakes. If you or a loved one has experienced similar cyclist-pedestrian injuries, be sure to contact Los Angeles City Law’s incredibly knowledgeable pedestrian accident attorney. These professionals will be able to answer all your questions.

Alexa, Search for a “Bicycle Accident Lawyer Near Me”

With millions of individuals residing in California, the chances of a bicycle or pedestrian accident occurring, are highly likely. Fortunately with today’s technology, it’s easier for injured bicyclists and pedestrians to access proper accident representation. This can be done with just one click, as many experienced bicycle accident attorneys can be found online. Below are a few important steps to take after your pedestrian or bicycle accident:

  • Document everything: Be sure to take photos of your injuries, bicycle damage, the accident scene, the weather, etc. The more photos, the merrier.
  • Exchange information: Unless you’re driving a motorcycle, you don’t need a license for a bicycle or to walk on the street. However, the negligent driver who hit you, does. Be sure to gather all the information from the opposing party. This includes a photo of their insurance card, driver’s license and even photos of their vehicle.
  • Seek proper treatment: Even if you don’t feel any pain at that very moment, be sure to get yourself checked by a knowledgeable doctor regardless. The adrenaline surging through your body after the accident may delay pain, causing injury, nausea and discomfort days after the initial accident.
  • Call a trusted pedestrian accident lawyer: Rather than getting belittled by insurance officials or tricked into a recorded statement, speak to our law firm. Our lawyers are well-versed with the insurance companies’ tricks and will diligently work hard to represent your rights.

Fortunately, our top rated accident attorneys at Los Angeles City Law are here to help. With our 98% winning percentile, it’s no wonder many injured claimants call their firm and gain winning results! For questions on your case, a free policy audit, or more information, contact our legal dream team today.

Article by Jesamine De Leon


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