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Bus Accident Attorney

LA City Law Fights For Bus Acccident Victims

Though automobile accidents happen countless times a day, those involving large vehicles, such as buses, often cause serious injuries to most people involved. On and around the highways and streets of LA, city and school buses are in constant motion and pose a serious threat to local citizens at any given time. If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of being injured in a bus accident, you have the right to obtain legal counsel and seek compensation for any damages that have stemmed from your injuries.

At the law firm of Los Angeles City Law, we make it our business to fight for your rights, making sure that the insurance companies cover any expenses accrued after a bus accident. Whether you were a passenger on the bus, or riding within another vehicle with which a bus collided, you have a right to seek compensation for any related injury. Using our vast experience and knowledge of California personal injury law, we work to ensure that you’re not left with expenses caused by someone else’s recklessness or neglect.

Don’t talk to an insurance agent until you’ve had the opportunity to speak with one of our personal injury lawyers. Serving Los Angeles and the rest of Southern California, we offer bus accident victims a source of compassionate representation that is designed to get results. Schedule your free and confidential consultation now.

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