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Driving safely requires every driver to adhere to the safety rules of the road, and this includes following all traffic lights, signs, signals, and much, much more. Motorists are also responsible, however, for driving safely in relation to the conditions on the roadway, and if these are dangerous, every driver must shoulder increased responsibility. Dangerous accidents are often precipitated by motorists who fail to drive safely in response to the actual conditions on the road. If you have been injured by a driver who barreled forward without concern for the condition of the road ahead, don’t delay consulting with an experienced California car accident attorney.

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When the Roads Themselves Are Unsafe

When the Roads Themselves Are Unsafe

While negligent motorists cause the majority of accidents, some are the result of the roadways themselves being dangerous. Any one of the following can lead to accidents caused by dangerous roads:

  • Serious potholes
  • Signs that are either missing or confusing
  • Missing guardrails and barriers
  • Ice, snow, and/or debris that is left uncleared
  • Lines on the road that are dangerously faded or missing
  • Changes in the road’s surface that go unannounced

Each of these can prove life-threatening.

Driver Confusion

Driver Confusion

Roadways that aren’t properly maintained and/or that do not have adequate signage can confuse motorists into engaging in driving practices that they would not have otherwise engaged in, which can prove disastrous. For example, a confusing road sign placed at a critical juncture can leave motorists fending for themselves on the roadway.

Panicked Motorists

With confusion comes panic, which can segue into impulsive actions – and at this point, drivers often have very few other options. For example, if a motorist comes upon uncleared debris from a prior accident that has been left in the middle of the road, she may have no other option than to swerve and hope for the best, which may not be good enough.

Missing Directions and/or Warnings

Missing Directions and/or Warnings

When a road sign is misleading or missing altogether, danger ensues. Take, for example, a missing stop sign. Motorists rely upon stop signs to let them know when they need to slow down and stop, and if the sign is simply absent, the inherent danger can be difficult to contain.

Poorly maintained roadways are exceptionally dangerous, and motorists face the additional risk of damaging their vehicles in the process of traversing them. It is estimated that every year in the United States, potholes cause billions of dollars in property damage, and operating a damaged vehicle comes with its own set of dangers.

Drivers Who Fail to Drive Safely

Drivers Who Fail to Drive Safely in Relation to the Condition of the Road

There are all kinds of factors that can affect a safe driver’s actions, and that can increase the dangers inherent to less than safe drivers, including all of the following:

  • The low visibility caused by fog
  • The slippery roads caused by precipitation
  • The dangers associated with high winds
  • The slippery mess made by road debris, including leaves and other natural
  • forms of debris
  • The dangers presented by roads that are maintained less than perfectly
  • The debris left behind by previous accidents

Each of these presents its own unique dangers, and drivers who fail to react safely leave everyone on the road at increased risk.

Excess Speed

Excess Speed

One of the major factors that increase the risk of dangerous accidents in relation to dangerous conditions on the roadway is excess speed. The speed limits that guide our speed much of the time are set for ideal driving conditions, and when conditions are less than ideal – as discussed – motorists are responsible for adjusting their speed accordingly. When they neglect or refuse to do so, it can prove deadly. The following statistics tell a terrifying story of the starring role speed plays in deadly accidents (as told by the Insurance Information Institute):

  • For more than 20 years, speed has affected about one-third of all traffic fatalities.
  • Speed is the most important factor for drivers in fatal traffic crashes.
  • In 2018, more than 8,500 motorists involved in fatal accidents were speeding.
  • In 2019, there were more than 9,300 fatal accidents in which at least one driver was speeding.

These statistics don’t even factor in all the serious, nonfatal accidents that are precipitated by speed.

Other Forms of Negligence

Other Forms of Negligence

It’s important to point out that excess speed isn’t the only form of negligence out there that translates to drivers who fail to take the condition of roads into account. In fact, all of the following forms of negligence will do:

  • Distraction, especially texting
  • Exhaustion
  • Aggression
  • impairment
The Damages You Suffer

The Damages You Suffer

The damages that you can suffer because of a poorly maintained road and/or a motorist who fails to react safely to a road’s condition can include all of the following:

  • Medical Costs – The medical expenses you face can include surgery, hospitalization, treatment from doctors and specialists, prescription medications, pain management, rehabilitation, physical therapy, home health care, and beyond.
  • Lost Earnings – While you recover your health and well-being, your earnings on the job are likely to take a serious hit. Further, your earning potential in the future can be diminished, and the career path you’ve set for yourself may no longer be a possibility.
  • Pain and Suffering – Being injured because of someone else’s negligence can leave you with a profound sense of loss (in addition to the physical pain and suffering you endure).

In order to reach your most complete recovery, it’s critical that your car accident claim addresses your full array of physical, financial, and emotional damages, and an experienced California car accident attorney can help ensure that this happens.

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