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Drunk Driving Victims

LA City Law Fights For Drunk Driving Victims

As community-oriented attorneys serving the people of Los Angeles, we aggressively pursue claims against those drivers who choose to drink before getting behind the wheel and end up injuring others. Protecting the public is our highest priority and we use every available resource and tool under the law to make sure that you receive full and just compensation for any injuries caused by a drunk driver.

Under California law, the victims of an inebriated driver can legally seek compensation for any and all of their injuries, furthermore, others who supplied the alcohol that contributed to the accident can also be held liable if found to have done so recklessly and without concern to public health.

As your Los Angeles-area attorneys, we’ll work to protect your legal rights by representing you through every step of the process. Bringing a civil suit against the parties who either knowingly, or inadvertently, injured you, we seek compensation for any medical expenses, lost wages, damaged assets and pain and suffering. Backed by years of experience, we understand the laws regarding drunk driving and know how to create the best possible outcome for your particular case.

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