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In a disturbing series of events in Huntington Beach, authorities are currently probing three separate hit-and-run cases that occurred in close proximity on Sunday night. Worryingly, these incidents, involving bicyclists, could be interlinked and might even have been executed with intent.


The initial event unfolded around 10 p.m. at the junction of Warner Avenue and Edwards Street. A local cyclist stated he was traversing the crosswalk when a car struck him and subsequently sped away. Fortunately, his injuries were minor.


Merely half an hour later, at approximately 10:30 p.m., another bicyclist became the victim of a hit-and-run at the intersection of Edwards Street and Brad Drive. He recounted to the officers that the car deliberately sideswiped him before darting off. Though he sustained minor injuries, immediate medical attention was provided on site.


Tragically, the night took a darker turn when a third incident, happening at about 10:45 p.m. near Heil Avenue and Springdale Street, claimed a life. Police officers arriving at the scene discovered a severely injured man, who unfortunately couldn’t pull through. The identity of this victim remains undisclosed.


Eyewitnesses have provided a description of the potential culprit vehicle – a black Toyota four-door sedan, distinguishable by noticeable damage to its front passenger-side bumper.


Huntington Beach authorities are appealing to the community for further details. Should anyone have pertinent information, they are encouraged to reach out to the police directly at (714) 375-5066. For those wishing to share anonymously, they can call (855) 847-6227.

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