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A shocking accident disrupted the peaceful early afternoon vibe on Fairfax Avenue when a Tesla, apparently out of control, crashed into a popular local nail shop, “Grace Nails”, situated at 351 S Fairfax Ave.

Just as the early afternoon rush began to pick up, locals and shoppers were jolted by a loud crash. Eyewitnesses reported seeing the Tesla barrel into the storefront of Grace Nails. The vehicle smashed through the window facade, shattering glass everywhere.

Though the accident drew crowds and onlookers within minutes, the immediate concern was for the safety of those inside. The owner of a neighboring shop rushed over and recalled, “I heard the crash and felt the building shake a little. I ran outside and saw the car inside Grace Nails. It was terrifying.”

Paramedics were quick to arrive at the scene. They found two employees of the nail shop in need of medical attention. As of now, details about their condition are not available, but they were promptly treated at the site. Thankfully, there were no fatalities reported.

The driver of the Tesla appeared to be shaken but was able to step out of the car without serious injuries. It’s still unclear what caused the car to crash into the nail shop. Authorities have cordoned off the area to conduct their investigations. Los Angeles Police Department officials on the scene refrained from making immediate comments but assured that a detailed investigation is underway.

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