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Why are Gas Prices Rising?

The aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has left both an emotional and financial impact on the rest of the world. This includes the sudden rise in gas prices all throughout the nation. According to AAA, the national average for regular gas is $4.25 per gallon, almost twice as much when compared to last year’s average of $2.88. California locals have seen an increase of up to $2 more than usual, with a now average of $5.85 – $7.25 per regular gallon.

With rising gas rates, less and less individuals are driving their cars, opting for other alternatives like taking a rideshare, train, bus or bicycle. While taking these alternative routes to work may be beneficial to frugal drivers, it has also given rise to another problem – more bicycle accidents.

Just last month, an identified man was suddenly killed in a fatal bicycle accident in Oxnard, California. The bicyclist was riding along the shoulder of the road when suddenly the driver of the Honda Civic lost control and struck him. The plaintiff, the family of the bicyclist, was fortunately able to seek recovery with a local bicycle accident attorney. This was achieved by aligning their interests with a reputable bicycle accident law firm. A domino effect has rolled its way into the U.S., creating a stir between high gas prices and the unfortunate occurrence of more and more bicycle accidents.

What Should You Do if You Get Hit by a Car?

If you ever find yourself in an altercation where you’re suddenly struck by a vehicle while riding your bike, the first thing you should do is seek professional medical help. Think of your attorney as your liaison, protecting your right to recover from injuries and damages from the negligent driver that struck you. Based on the California law, bicyclists must abide by the same regulations and rights as motorists. If you were injured while going about your day, seek justice and protect your rights by working with a trusted bicycle attorney. We are here to answer any of your questions throughout this difficult moment in your life.

Article by Jesamine De Leon


If you or a loved one was harmed while riding your bike,
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