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A rainy day in Los Angeles is both a beauty and a rarity. Many SoCal natives never truly have to worry about driving through pouring rain, as it only averages to around 36 days a year. When these rare occurrences happen, one can also see the increase in danger on the road.

Southern California is filled with winding hills, narrow and one-sided roads. When the sun isn’t shining brightly, locals often lose their way in places they have driven countless times before. When the rain pours, the danger of negligent drivers is even more impactful.

“The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that wet pavement causes 70% of weather-related car accidents, and rain causes 46% of weather-related car accidents.”

What to Do if You Hydroplane

The heavier the rain falls, the more water begins to rise on the surface. Speedy Angelenos often make sharp turns or drive too fast and when implementing the two during rain, the tires of one’s vehicle can begin to glide atop the water, rather than grip to the road. This horrifying error is called Hydroplaning or “aquaplaning.” Below are a few ways you can prevent yourself from becoming harmed from hydroplaning:

  • Don’t Cruise – always go at the safest pace your environment allows. This even includes going slower than usual if needed, this assures minimal room potential crashes.
  • Check Your Tires – before making the commute, be sure to take a look at your tire’s health. If your tires are looking bald with no traction or grip indentations, consider taking another method of transportation.
  • Avoid Puddles – even the smaller puddles can end up being deeper than they seem. Be sure not to stall when in larger bodies of water and give other drivers plenty of space.

“On average, more than 6,000 people are killed, and 445,000 people are injured due to weather-related accidents.”

Rainy Day Safe Driving Tips

With over 3 million people in Los Angeles alone, you’ll have to share the road quite often. Below are a few reminders for how to drive safely during rainy days:

  • Be alert – even if you go at your own safe pace, others may not be paying attention. Give yourself some distance between you and surrounding drivers and to always look both ways before crossing major intersections.
  • Don’t depend on other drivers – traffic in the rain can give many drivers anxiety, causing them to stay close to the leading car, spreading the anxiety. Be sure to give others their space and keep traffic flowing efficiently by merging safely. 
  • 10 second rule – be sure you’re able to see at least 10 seconds ahead of you when driving. The time may increase given the flow of traffic. The point is to allow yourself and others the time to push through traffic without collision.

While we love a nice rainy day, it’s important to utilize the above safety recommendations when going about your day. For any questions, or for a free policy audit, contact our trustworthy team at Los Angeles City Law, we’re here to help.

Article by Jesamine De Leon

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