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Q: Why is my insurance accepting fault when I hit a car that was left on the slow lane in the middle of the lane at night ?: I was driving on hwy 50 eastbound at 2am Sunday, A Nissan was left on the slow lane and a Volvo hit the Nissan minutes before I did. The Nissan had no hazard lights on. My insurance accepting fault. The hwy has barely any lights very dark freeway.

A: Hadi’s answer: Wow. Unfortunately, you have probably provided a recorded statement to your carrier. Hope you did not. One of my former clients had the same exact fact scenario. Despite the fact that your carrier accepted fault, you can still claim your injuries and recover from either the 3rd party or your own carrier, if you are injured. All facts have to be presented with precise timing and strategies. Call your attorney to discuss this matter and don’t discuss this matter with your carrier before speaking to an attorney. Stop showing all your cards. Now you know not to ever trust insurance companies. Your own or others. Good luck.

Q: What can I do if my child was hit by an uninsured motorist in a crosswalk??: My son was hit by a car while crossing the street in a crosswalk and I received the police report today and found out the driver has no insurance. He has no serious injuries just a lot of pain. Is it worth hiring a lawyer? Do you think I’ve got a case?

A: Hadi’s answer: You can recover money from a couple of sources such as your 1st party carrier and a personal suit against 3rd party driver.

Q: I was at a dead stop at a signal and was hit from the rear by an uninsured motorist. Can I sue my insurance company in small cla: I was at a dead stop at a signal and was rear-ended by an uninsured driver in Calif. My insurance company did pay for $4,000 in body damage to my car and I have $50,000/100,000 uninsured motorist coverage.I asked for $11,000 for actual and pain and suffering damages ($500 copay for six physical therapy and two doctor visits). They offered only $2,000.00 total. Can I sue them in small claims court where I think I could get a better deal? Somebody told me “no” that I must arbitrate. Is this so and how is arbitration effected?

A: Hadi’s answer: It may be too late to “unring the bell” because you already showed all your cards to your ins company. I always tell my clients to “beware of your own insurance company. THEY ARE NOT ON YOUR SIDE!” Next time call a lawyer before you allow insurance companies to steal from you! They are making enough money.

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