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As one of the most detrimental personal injuries one can suffer, trauma to the spinal cord often causes lifelong pain, decreased mobility and even crippling disabilities. Radically changing both a victim’s and their family’s lives, spinal cord injuries demand years of expensive medical attention and rehab and is estimated to cost victims an estimated $5 million over their lifetime.

With victims usually unable to sustain gainful, full-time employment because of the extent of their physical limitations, these exorbitant costs are exacerbated by a diminished income. With chronic pain being another very real daily struggle, most sufferers of spinal injuries require daily medication and care.

Whether caused by a workplace or auto accident, a slip and fall or medical negligence, compensation for spinal cord injuries is possible. Holding those responsible for your injury as liable for damages, we aggressively advocate for your case. After representing hundreds of accident victims, our Los Angeles lawyers understand just what it takes to ensure full and just compensation.

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