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Birth Injury Attorney

Compassionate Representation For You And Your Baby

Addressing birth injury with compassion, discretion, and understanding, our attorneys work to ensure that you and your baby receive full compensation for any injury incurred before, during or after birth. It is our ultimate goal to help you be able to face the challenges that certain birth injuries create and to have access to the resources you’ll need to properly overcome the possible limitations, now and in the future.

Handling all types of birth injury cases, we proudly assist new parents with filing lawsuits for the following:

  • Fetal death syndrome
  • Cerebral, Erbs, Klumpke and Bell’s palsy
  • Birth hypoxia
  • Brachial plexus
  • Complications caused by breach birth
  • Caesarean birth delays
  • Shoulder dystocia
  • Medication errors
  • Brain damage

From ensuring that past, present and future medical expenses are sufficiently covered to securing compensation for the pain and suffering these incidents cause, we act as your trusted advocate, handling every detail of the legal process while alleviating your stress. Our firm has established a reputation for diligent, aggressive representation for those individuals whose lives have been negatively affected by others’ negligence, carelessness or malice.

We invite you to contact our Los Angeles law firm and schedule a free and confidential consultation now. As your legal advocates, we promise knowledgeable help delivered with compassion and understanding.

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