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Allen Sepanyan, Associate Attorney

Allen bears the rare distinction of being one of three graduates of Pepperdine Law School’s Accelerated Option Program, earning his law degree in under two years. He also obtained a certificate from the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution. Allen concentrated on developing practical skills in law school, negotiating and mediating more than twenty cases in his first year, and making court appearances in public service matters during his second year. The net outcome of Allen’s dedication is an understanding of the complexities of litigation that far surpasses attorneys with many more years of experience.

Allen focuses his practice on personal injury matters, such as motor vehicle collisions, including hit and run and pedestrian accidents, and premises liability claims. Allen is dedicated to helping his clients fight for justice and aggressively advocates on their behalf. As a result of his perseverance, he recovered tens of thousands of dollars in damages for his clients in his first few months as an attorney.

How Allen Approaches Cases

Allen believes in changing the game. Instead of reaching out to adjusters at the inception of a case, as many attorneys do, he likes to gather ample evidence in favor of his client and fully prepare his case before reaching out to an insurance adjuster. This advanced preparation puts him in a position to give adjusters two hard choices: either pay the policy limit demand or expose their insured to excess damages.

Allen believes that personal injury has evolved into an inorganic area of law, and insurance adjusters are always adapting the way they evaluate personal injury claims. Still, insurance companies tend to focus solely on an injured party’s physical manifestations of their injuries when evaluating claims, limiting their assessments to medical records and reports from medical examinations.

Allen Sepanyan with his wife

Allen works to broaden the view of insurance companies, demonstrating the pain, suffering, and emotional distress his clients suffer as a result of harmful accidents and arguing that, when it comes to making his clients whole, compensation for intangible harm is as critical as damages for physical and economic losses.

Allen rejects the norms in his approach to cases, urging his clients to use a wide variety of doctors and specialists to treat the injuries they sustain in accidents rather than limiting their care to the treatment of soft tissue injuries traditionally employed in personal injury matters. He embraces advances in care that allow injured parties to uncover more effective methods of treatment that allow them to achieve better outcomes. Similarly, he has moved away from old treatment modalities, like epidural injections, noting that they have become less valuable in terms of alleviating symptoms and injuries.

Allen’s Recent Successes

Recently, Allen settled an uninsured motorist claim for $500,000 on behalf of a client who was injured in a hit-and-run accident. Allen was able to obtain a high-value settlement for his client in less than a year, despite the fact that his client did not suffer any fractures, require surgery, or even visit the emergency room for treatment. He did so by illustrating that as a result of the accident, his client suffered life-altering emotional and mental trauma that warranted significant damages.

Meet with a Capable Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney

Allen and the other capable Los Angeles personal injury attorneys of Los Angeles City Law are committed to helping people harmed by careless acts seek justice for their losses, and if we represent you, we will fight to help you seek the compensation you deserve. We frequently represent people in personal injury matters in Los Angeles and in other cities in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. You can reach us to set up a confidential and free consultation by using our online form or by calling us at (866) 999-6640.

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