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The answer may depend on the state in which you live. Some states have laws that forbid insurers from using private investigators, while others allow it under certain circumstances. California law prohibits an insurance company from sending someone to secretly observe or photograph an insured person without their knowledge or consent (California Insurance Code, Section 2071). However, there are exceptions to this rule. The insurance company may be allowed to hire a private investigator to conduct surveillance on you if they suspect you are fraudulently claiming disability benefits.

What is the Purpose of a Private Investigator?

The purpose of the private investigator is to gather necessary information for the insurance company in regard to your claim. The investigator will typically take pictures of the accident scene, interview witnesses, and collect other evidence deem worthy, that can prove you were the at fault party.

As it is their profession, private detectives are well-versed in remaining hidden to gather as much intelligence on their targets as possible. As such, most accident victims may be unaware they are being observed until it is too late.

These investigators may do a lot of background research. They might look into:

  • Financial records–to see if you have a history of filing claims
  • Social media–to see if you have posted anything that could be used against you
  • Medical records–to see if you have any pre-existing conditions that could have contributed to the accident
  • Driving record–to see if you have any previous accidents or infractions

What You Can Do to Protect Yourself

If you have been in an car accident, there are several steps one must take to protect themselves from a hired private investigator. First, get the contact information of any witnesses to the accident. These witnesses can provide valuable objective testimony about what happened and who was at fault. Second, you should take pictures of the accident scene immediately after the accident occurs. These pictures can be used as evidence to support your claim. Third, consult with an experienced Los Angeles car accident lawyer who can use their expertise to help you navigate the insurance claim process and protect your rights.

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