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Pro Bono Attorney

Find Out If Your Case Qualifies For Pro Bono Services

Los Angeles City Law provides free, expert legal advice and representation to low-income residents of Los Angeles County where there is evidence of hardship. Each year we assist several individuals of every racial, religious, and ethnic background through direct legal service. Each attorney at Los Angeles City Law accepts the responsibility to promote justice and to make justice equally accessible to all people.

What is Pro Bono?

The term “pro bono” comes from the Latin pro bono publico, which means “for the public good.”  Our lawyers have the special skills and knowledge needed to help low-income people get justice.  Just because you can’t pay does not mean you can’t fight.  Contact us to see if we can help you!

We will work through governmental agencies to provide you with the best possible recourse. Please fill out this form for our review and approval of your representation. Be aware, your immediate response is very important as there are various statute of limitations that can prevent you from recovering any loss or damages.

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