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What To Do If You Are Injured

If You Are Injured

Follow These Instructions to Keep Your Personal Injury Lawyer Informed

Your cooperation is important in making certain that your case proceeds smoothly. Keep our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers informed by following the instructions below. If you have learned any new information regarding the facts of the accident, the names of witnesses, insurance information, or additional information you feel would be helpful, call our office and let us know. Our law firm will act on the information as soon as possible.

Your Automobile Insurance

As soon as possible, please provide our office with a copy of your automobile insurance declaration sheet detailing your insurance provider. This step is very important, even if your accident was minor. If you have any questions about this step, please call our office immediately.

Do Not Talk

Do not discuss your case with anyone. The reason for this is that what may appear to be an innocent remark on your part may be distorted or changed by others, especially the other party’s insurance company. If anyone calls you regarding the accident, obtain their name and phone number and advise them that your attorney will contact them. As soon as possible, call us and advise us who called. We will call them back immediately and speak to them on your behalf.

Do Not Sign

Do not sign any papers. Do not sign any statements, forms, reports, or any other documents unless we tell you to do so. If you are ever in doubt, call your personal injury lawyer first to ask for advice.

Take Photographs

Photographs are one of the most important elements of your case. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and the more of them you can take, the better. We need photos of the damage to the car you were in, any visible injuries you received (including cuts, bruises, and lacerations). If you cannot take the photos yourself, call our office and we will arrange to have the photographs taken. Do not hesitate, as proper documentation will be essential in court.

Helpful Articles

Damages Arising Out Of Loss Of Consortium

Although the law varies from state to state, most jurisdictions permit husbands and wives to recover damages for “loss of consortium,” or changes in intimacy that occur as a result of the accident. Speak with your personal injury lawyer if you believe that this damage may be applicable in your circumstances.

Photographers And Private Property

While photographers must generally obtain a signed release prior to publishing for-profit photos of individuals (with some exceptions), an entirely different issues arise where the subject of the photo is private property.

What Must Be Proven To Recover In Personal Injury And Other Civil Cases

Crimes are wrongful acts against society for which punishment may be imposed. Where an individual is injured through the wrongful action (“tort”) of another, the law may also give the injured party the right to file a civil lawsuit to recover damages.

The Enhanced Injury Doctrine

In many accidents, injuries do not result solely from the accident itself. Defective vehicle design or manufacturing may also be responsible for the injuries. Let our office know if you suspect that a defective design may have contributed to your injuries.

Actionable Food Poisoning

Food poisoning lawsuits may require special proof to establish the liability of a restaurant or other food service provider. This article focuses on food poisoning that involves toxins unintentionally formed by biological processes (as opposed to intentional food poisoning).

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