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7 Year Old Child Fatally Injured in Los Angeles Hit & Run Accident


Los Angeles is infamous for its heavy traffic, but pedestrian accidents and fatalities may soon become the city’s primary concern. Pedestrian injuries and traffic-related death in 2017 rose 22 percent from 2016, according to a recent article in the Los Angeles Times. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents affect Los Angeles residents of all ages, and Joshua Casillas is a recent example of the consequences of negligent driving.

On May 15, Joshua and his family were out enjoying a sunny day in Pacoima, one of Los Angeles’ oldest neighborhoods in the San Fernando Valley area. The family was crossing the street at the intersection of Montague Avenue and Laurel Canyon Boulevard when a Chevy van and a Kia Spectra collided in the middle of the intersection. The speed at which the vehicles converged caused the Kia to careen toward the Casillas family, colliding with 7-year-old Joshua and his grandfather. Both were immediately rushed to and treated at Northridge Hospital, which is located roughly eight miles away from the scene of the accident.

While Joshua’s grandfather was released from the hospital with only minor injuries, Joshua’s injuries were critical and required extensive treatment. Doctors noted that blood was not circulating to his feet, and the extent of his injuries required an amputation of his leg just below the knee. Joshua is currently receiving medical care from doctors at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital.

Joshua’s injuries are severe and heartbreaking, and the effects of this pedestrian accident will affect the entire Castillas family for years to come. Joshua’s mother has taken a leave of absence from her job for the remainder of the year, and his father has taken several weeks off of work to care for him. The rising costs of emergency medical care have significantly burdened the family, and they have consequently set up two crowdsourcing fundraisers to pay for Joshua’s treatment.

Detective Luz Montero, working with LAPD, reported that an arrest has been made, though further information has yet to be released.

Pedestrian accidents are far too common in Los Angeles, and as you can see from Joshua’s case, can confer a significant burden upon you and your loved ones. Joshua’s injuries are something he will have to live with for the rest of his life. From physical therapy appointments to pain caused by other fractures or injured areas of his body, it’s unlikely that a day will go by when he is not reminded of his accident.

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